Specialising in maintenance, diagnosis and design of marine refrigeration & air con

Sydney Marine Refrigeration provides a wealth of industry knowledge, integrity, prompt service and quality products and materials. All work is fully insured and is compliant with all federal governing bodies. Our team have the experience you need in sales, servicing and installation of marine refrigeration and air conditioners, as well as designing the climate control for your yacht.

Sales & Servicing

When you experience a fault or issue with your boat’s fridge or air conditioning, or your equipment simply needs a service, the process is simple with Sydney Marine Refrigeration:

Email or call our office

We will discuss the issue with you

We will book a convenient time to attend

We will diagnose the fault or issue

We will provide a quote to perform the repair or supply a new, custom option



When Sydney Marine Refrigeration installs marine fridges and air conditioners there is a process we follow to ensure you receive the right product/s to suit your boat and your needs:

We calculate the heat load

Evaluate the boat’s proposed destinations

Determine the power on board

Consider issues such as external heat loads entering the boat, ambient temperatures, sea water temperatures, available power supply.

We also need to determine if your boat currently has sufficient power to run the new appliance or do you need a hold-over eutectic style system to lower power consumption? Do you have 230 volt power available? Are you a cruising yachtsman, a weekend overnighter, or simply a day boat user? Do you plug into shore power when the boat is not being used, or are you on a swing mooring? So many questions and so many options.

Then we are able to match your needs to what is currently available on the market and explain both the pros and cons of each available option. When you have made your decision we will prepare and email through a quote, request a deposit, parts are ordered and a date is booked for your installation.

Some installations are quite complicated and can take several days, when others can be completed in just one day.

Design of Climate Control for yachts

The design of a climate control system for your yacht is a big project. Sydney Marine Refrigeration will initially require a detailed, scaled drawing of the yacht under construction. This process is called a GA (General Arrangement) and allows us to:

Measure every zone to be treated or air conditioned

Calculate the heat load

Calculate the human heat load

Calculate the amount of fresh air required to keep these zones fresh and meeting all international survey or build codes

Calculate the Kws required to treat or cool and heat the entire vessel

Design a plumbing layout

Calculate the water flows and heat dissipation

Design ducting runs, vent sizing, return air calculation and paths to avoid noise and turbulence